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Roentec-xflash is an EPICS driver for the RÖNTEC XFlash Spectrometer Unit.

The driver is written as an EPICS database. It uses the asyn module to communicate with the device via an RS-232 serial connection. It supports starting and stopping an acquisition, reading an ROI sum, and reporting the acquisition real time and dead time. It also provides a simulation mode for development work.

The driver does not provide the ability to read a spectrum; it just reads an ROI sum. The EPICS mca module can be used to read a spectrum from the device. This driver was written to make reading an ROI sum fast compared to the mca module which first reads the spectrum and then calculates the ROI sum. The time consuming operation is transferring the data over the RS-232 serial connection. By transferring only an ROI sum (4 bytes compared to 16,384 bytes for a 4,096 channel spectrum), this driver can be much faster than using the mca module for certain types of experiments such as fluorescence scans where only the ROI sum is needed.