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Jcbf (Java Crystallographic Binary File) is a pure Java library for reading and writing miniCBF (minimal CBF) image files using the MIME "mini-header" and the "none" or "byte_offset" compression algorithm, as produced by DECTRIS PILATUS detectors.

Jcbf is written as a plug-in for the Java Image I/O API and supports features such as source region, destination region, and subsampling.

Jcbf also includes a plug-in for reading miniCBF images in ImageJ. To install the plug-in, place the plug-in JAR file in the plugins directory (or in the Input-Output directory in the plugins directory) and restart ImageJ. The reader will be available at Plugins > Input-Output > CBF Reader.

Jcbf is written in pure Java and thus should run on any platform that has a Java VM.